How do I know if outsourcing my billing is right for my practice?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the rate of change in today's healthcare reimbursement environment? Would you like to focus more on patient care and less on navigating the reimbursement maze? Are you concerned your revenues are lower than they should be? Are you second guessing being an independent business? Are you still trying to decide about implementing an electronic health record system? Are you just starting a practice? If you answered yes to any of those questions, contact us so we can explore together how CRS can be the right RCM partner for your business.

How much does CRS charge for its services?

CRS' services are priced competitively. Specific pricing depends upon the nature of the relationship between us and the nature of your practice. The better question is, what is your present revenue cycle process really costing your practice? To begin shedding light on that question, click here. It is rare that CRS cannot improve our new client’s cash flow at least to the extent that we pay for ourselves. And if we can’t, we won’t take you business. In that context, CRS’ services are usually free to our clients! That is our no risk guarantee. There are many confusing and deceptive billing services pricing models in the market today. All RCM services are not considered equal.  Many companies will provide you with low cost pricing and then provide you with a service that is based on rationing the time spent working on your account. Some companies do nothing more than push the send button on your claim after their EHR has coded your claims. There are many software companies in the market today that are nothing more than claim submitters calling themselves billing or RCM companies. Be very careful about having all your eggs in that basket! CRS is a high value partner to our clients. We do whatever it takes to maximize your reimbursement and minimize your collection times. The one thing that differentiates us from our competitors more than any other is the time we invest in accounts receivables management. We work with practices who want a seamless integration of our services into their business for optimal results. Our pricing is custom tailored to your practice. If you would like to start the process of getting a quote for services, please contact us.

How long has CRS been doing RCM?

Our owner, senior management and account manger staff have been actively involved in claims processing for 30+ years. That is not a combined number. That is how long each has been performing RCM services. This is a career for our senior people not just a job. CRS emerged out of the sale of a large physical therapy practice that began in 1987. Our Director of Operations has been with us since that time. Our senior staff has been with us since the day we opened! All our staff have a tremendous work ethic and an impeccable reputation for being honest and diligent.

How much new business can CRS handle?

Like any business these days, CRS does not have experienced billers and coders sitting around doing nothing waiting for the next new client to come along. We are an active internship and training site for the insurance billing and coding programs at Dorsey Schools, Ross School of Business and Baker College here in Michigan. We hire interns that have proven to be skilled and effective at their chosen profession upon completion of their program. This gives us an ability to add staff rapidly when needed. We also have strategic alliances with other companies that enable us to access additional certified coders and experienced billers on very short order giving us almost unlimited capacity for growth. We have 100% direct oversight of every person working on any CRS client account.

Are your services provided with or without a contract?

All CRS services are provided under a services agreement. We believe that a well written contract accurately memorializes the nature of the relationship desired by the parties. Our contracts are thorough and represent the partnership mentality with which we approach working with our clients. The truth is, the more effectively and efficiently we work together in the provision of our services, the better the results and more cost effective the services will be. We have to work well together to be successful and our agreements address all elements of the relationship that will effect the quality and cost of the services provided. Our agreements leave no stone unturned which means no surprises for either of us. 

Do I have to outsource my entire billing operation to CRS?

No, CRS often times starts working with a new client by taking over the management of their existing accounts receivables. That is often an easy beginning as AR management is typically extremely underserved in private practice. Through working your AR, we learn just about everything we need to know about your practice in short order. We have a variety of AR only relationship structures we can explore with your practice. We also provide stand-alone consulting and other RCM services to clients with in-house billing operations. There are many creative ways that CRS can begin a relationship with a new client that is not ready to outsource their entire billing operation or RCM process. Our relationships can evolve over time. Together we determine what is best for your practice.  

How does CRS keep up with changes in the industry?

We do this many ways. CRS is constantly connected to CMS, BCBS and other payers so that we are aware of changes that will affect your practice or our process. We are members of the AAPC, AHIMA and the MMBA and receive communications from them regularly. We listen to our clients as they become aware of something causing them concern. The tremendous amount of time we spend working on AR follow up and denial management also keeps us informed of payer changes. We also have strategic partners who are focused on their core competencies and learn of industry changes through those relationships. We are on top of it so our clients don't have to be. 

If we discontinue your services in the future how do we transition control back to our client?

Another major difference between CRS and our competitors is the nature of our relationships leave you in control by design. We prefer to work off client systems. We have strategic relationships with key software venders that don’t link your software decision with your billing services provider. If you are unhappy with our services, there is a first time for everything, you can replace us and never lose possession of your data and billing history. If you don’t like your software, you can change it and we move over to your new platform. Our agreements consider all these scenarios and address the mechanics of disassembling the relationship. If we are working off our software license, we provide for the transfer of your data to another system. We can also keep working your AR off the existing system while you transition your going forward encounters to a new system or service. CRS’ relationships are much more flexible than your other options. What control you have over your data is a key question to be asking in all outsourcing relationships. Keep in mind, that the detailed transaction data is almost never transferrable from one software platform to another. We prefer to keep you in control because we prefer to have our relationships sustained by our service not by complications related to unwinding the relationship. As you will read in our testimonials, our clients typically intend to stay with CRS for the lifetime of their practice.  

Does CRS work with start up practices?

Yes, we have helped many start ups get off on the right foot. Some of our clients have never known the pain and agony that comes from hiring the wrong RCM partner. We believe the smartest thing you can do, if you are just starting a practice, is hire CRS! Cash flow is forever critical to your practice but there is no worse time to experience less than ideal cash flow than during the start up phase of your practice. We work diligently with you to make sure all loose ends are tied up and everything is in order to maximize your reimbursement at the onset and as you grow. Our owner started a physical therapy practice with one other employee and grew it into a multi-million dollar practice. We know what it takes to be successful as a start up and we appreciate the risk you are taking.  CRS’ mission is to help assure the survival and proliferation of private practice in healthcare.

Can CRS work for practices that are out of state?

Yes, CRS can remotely access your system to obtain all the information we need to perform services for your practice. We can work in paper environments but it is not cost effective for you. We easily become aware of state specific payer rules and fee schedules. Even if we have not worked with a client in your state, we know the process of moving forward in a new state and it does not present a problem. Technology has broken down the barrier of proximity.

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