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In order for CRS to provide you with our best possible pricing for the relationship structure that makes the most sense for you, we need to know some details about your practice. First, request a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) from us at We treat your data with the strictest of confidence. With the signed NDA, you will receive a spreadsheet for you to complete and return to that same email address.  You deal directly with the owner of CRS throughout this brief do diligence process. Once we have received your completed do diligence spreadsheet, we will schedule a call with you to review the data and begin defining the scope of the relationship that best suits your needs. This may or may not involve bringing one of our strategic partners into the discussion. Once the relationship is fully defined, we draft an agreement that captures that understanding and send it to you for your review. Once signed we begin. This process typically takes around two weeks to complete. 

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