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Revenue Maximization

Get the Revenue You Deserve.

Our objective is for our clients to get paid as much as possible as quickly as possible. Eventually getting paid as much as possible is good bit not good enough. The timing of getting paid considers the time cost of money.  That is a real cost.  Therefore, Revenue Maximization has two major components, the amount you are paid and when you are paid.  $1000 today is worth more than $1000 six months from now, and its definitely worth more than $800 today or six months from now! 

Revenue maximization starts with knowing what your reimbursement should be and your RCM processes delivering exaclty that.  It also requires you to know when you should be paid and why it took longer than that when it does. Both require thorough management control processes and total alignment of all related policies many of which reach well upstream of the moment of submitting a claim. To see how well your RCM processes are aligned, click here.  CRS can help you determine how well your revenue maximization efforts are working and improve the processes and policies that determine your reimbursement. We know you are worth more than you are paid in today’s environment. With CRS on your team you will get paid everything you can, as quickly as possible all in a fully regulatory compliant manner.

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