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Billing Services

Most “Billing Companies” are nothing more than claims submission companies.  Though that is a critical step in the RCM process, even perfect claims submission processes are not enough by themselves to maximize your revenues.  CRS provides flawless and seamless integration of the entire billing process with your practice instead of your own in-house billing operation or in custom integration with it.  We do this through a variety of structured relationships tailored to your needs. 

Perhaps the biggest difference between CRS and our competitors is that we do not force you into any structure just because that happens to be the most profitable arrangement for us.  We prefer to work off our client’s systems leaving our clients in control of their data and billing history.  We also don't "low ball" our fee and then ration our time so we can make money at your expense.  Remember, I used to be you and I fully understand my role working for you today; that is to do whatever it takes to maximize your reimbursement as long as it is within a win win compliant business relationship. As a result CRS works with our clients through a variety of structures.

  1. CRS works off fully integrated single database client systems whether already in place within your practice or provided to you by our strategic partner in coordination with the implementation of CRS’ services.  We remote into your system through secure HIPAA compliant connections.  We recommend your system be professionally hosted and accessed in the “cloud” environment.
  2. CRS interfaces our practice management (“PM”) system (we have used for many years that is provided to us through one of our strategic partners) with your electronic health record software that allows our two separate databases to communicate with each other.  We allow you to remote into our PM software.
  3. CRS retrieves your clinical documentation via remote connection into your electronic health record software and inputs the required coding into our PM software.  We allow you remote access into our PM software.
  4. CRS does work with clients still documenting in paper charts, however we will be strongly influencing these clients to move into preferably option 1 or option 2 listed above.  We manually enter your coding from a completed charge router or superb bill into our PM software.  We allow you remote access into our PM software.

Each structure comes with its own contractual responsibilities and cost structure.

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Certified Reimbursement Solutions has been our billing company for many years. They have done a fantastic job for our practice. Their...

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