Software and Systems
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Software and Systems

At CRS our philosophy about software and systems can be summed up as follows:

  1. What matters most is who is using your software.  We don’t make the software, we just use it better!  Experienced RCM experts are needed to review set up and to monitor how software functions on your behalf in an objective and unbiased manner with one and only one objective in mind, making sure the software working best for you?
  2. It is absolutely necessary to take advantage of the RCM efficiencies gained by the use of electronic health records.
  3. We know that the efficiency gains realized in the billing process are 100% seen within the charge entry and payment posting parts of the process.  The critical accounts receivables management process is unaffected by technology and remains as critical as ever to your collections.
  4. Fully integrated single database EHR and PM systems are best. See our strategic partner here.
  5. Interfaced separate database EHR and PM systems still work well. See our strategic partner here.
  6. We prefer to work off of our client’s systems leaving them in control of their data.  We custom tailor solutions to your needs.  We are familiar with and have worked in dozens of different software systems. 
  7. The convenience of sole source options is more than offset by the loss of control that results from putting all your eggs in one basket. We know that together with our strategic partners, who remain focused on their core competencies, CRS provides you a far superior option.
Turning Software into Success.

CRS works through strategic partners to deliver top-notch EHR and PM solutions to our clients in a way that puts you in better control of your RCM process. Our partners are software experts. We are RCM experts. Together we work for you through a structure that won’t require you to replace all the parts of the RCM process if you ever become unhappy with one of the parts.  We are not now nor will we ever be a software company. We are RCM experts. Not software developers. We have one focus, maximize your revenue and minimize your collection times by doing whatever it takes and we pay for ourselves in the process! Let us prove that to you.

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