Software Optimization
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Software Optimization

We don’t make the software you use, we just use it better! We have used dozens of systems and have a tremendous amount of experience with how software affects the RCM process.

Once your EHR and PM systems have been installed and set up properly, optimization can occur. Set up occurs during the implementation and training phase of software adoption and is done so under contract with the software vender or their related VAR. Optimization occurs after set up is complete and the practice is utilizing the EHR and PM platforms. The best systems are those that allow some customization during the implementation and training process. This is the case with our strategic partners. It is important nonetheless that individuals who are experts in the RCM process are actively involved in the set up process to assure the system will not limit reimbursement potential. Proper system set up creates coding and other rules and protections in the utilities of your PM system. This helps to minimize front-end edits and rejections. Your EHR system can also be set up to assure the proper verbiage is being used to represent the way you practice and to support coding.

EHR and PM Expertise That Can Increase Your ROI.

Set up and optimization processes vary based on whether or not you are installing fully integrated EHR and PM systems or interfaced EHR and PM systems from different vendors. When done properly it streamlines your billing process, minimizes errors and lowers cost. Please realize that the all important accounts reveivables management processes are unaffected by software.  Off the shelf efficiencies do exist after you are an efficient user of an EHR but many of the efficiencies gained with EHR adoption come with pitfalls that increase your audit risk. Doing this properly requires a strong understanding of coding and documentation requirements and a keen eye for audit risk. CRS works hand in hand with our clients who are going through new software selection and implementation processes.

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