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Create More Time For Patients

Across all of our clients, there is one key to success they share in common; they want to minimize time spent on things that detract from their focus on patient care. All CRS’ clients believe they are great clinicians and know they do not have time to learn how to become great billing companies as well. If you run your own in-house billing operation, you better be running it as if it were a stand alone billing company with all the management control processes fully in place! If not, I guarantee you your in-house billing operation is underperforming. And who can afford to be throwing reimbursement dollars away

With CRS as their RCM partner, our clients all feel the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they will be reimbursed as much as possible in the shortest time frame possible for the care they provide to their patients. They focus on what they do best knowing we are focused on what we do best. That is the essence of a great team; team members each having a mastery over their respective roles so that the team as a whole experiences the greatest amount of success. Our clients recognize that partnering with CRS is the most time efficient, cost effective and least stressful way for them to have an expertly run RCM operation. 

The fact is that most private practitioners who keep their billing in-house, do not control the billing elements of the RCM process nearly as well as they need to. How do we know this? We work for clients who have in-house billing operations and provide them with the expert accounts receivables and denial management services they were missing, among other things. AR management is the most commonly under resourced part of the RCM process whether it is in an in-house billing operation or provided through one of our competitors.  

Most billing operations are nothing more than claims submission entities. They think sending out a clean claim is all it takes to maximize cash flow. They think it is as easy as hiring a biller who says they know how to do billing and they are all set. After all, their software contains all the intelligence they need! That’s what the software salesperson told them. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The bottom line is successful entrepreneurs know that a major key to their success is sticking to their core competency. Being aligned with that statement means spending time doing anything other than making sure you and your staff are providing the best possible patient care and customer service is self defeating. If you share that business philosophy contact us so that together we can explore how CRS can become the right RCM partner for your business.  

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