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Create More Time For You

Here is the biggest question of all, what is your free time worth? Even if after several years of working at it you could create an effective and efficient in-house RCM operation all on your own, why would you want to? Plug CRS into your practice and you are all done! It takes a couple weeks to get through the do diligence process and then you will have a turn key seamless, perfectly integrated and fully aligned RCM operation all in place and working diligently for you. Why spend years trying to create what we can provide you right now? I used to be you and the one thing I wish I could have done differently when I was spending 80 hours a week building my practice was find and plug in a partner just like CRS into my business. 

If maximizing your revenues, minimizing your collection times, and sticking to your core competency by focusing on patient care and customer service aren’t enough reasons to outsource your RCM process to CRS, do it for you! Create more of the world’s most precious commodity for you, time! Let CRS help you create the time you wish you had and that so many of our client’s thank us for providing to them! If that sounds good to you, contact us so that together we can explore how CRS can help you get in touch with why you are in business in the first place.  

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My practice has been using the services of Certified Reimbursement Solutions since we opened in August of 2005. We have also referred...

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