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Grow Your Reimbursement

Maximizing reimbursement requires a seamless integration of many processes both internal to your practice and within our operation as your billing services provider.  CRS works closely with our clients to assure that the policies and processes within both our businesses are aligned to do just that.  Alignment is a critical concept in maximizing reimbursement. How aligned are your RCM processes?  To find out, click here.   Much of what we do is a standard part of our RCM services. If not, we have it covered through our consulting services either internal to CRS or through one of our strategic partners. 

As you can read in our client testimonials, CRS is differentiated from other billing services in many ways.  Perhaps the distinction that you should care about the most is the time we spend working on your outstanding claims after the claim has been submitted.  Most billing companies are nothing more than claims submission companies.  If a claim is not paid they will typically rebill the claim, make a phone call or two and then write it off if their minimal efforts do not bear fruit.  That should seem hard to believe; after all they don’t get paid unless you do.  Here is what they don’t want you to know.  In order to get your business they charged you a fee that does not allow them to do everything that is needed to collect every dollar that is collectible!  They reverse engineer their service so that the time spent on your claims is rationed to the extent needed for them to make money off of your account at whatever rate they charge you.  Therefore they are profitable at your expense!  So what appears to be a financially aligned relationship on the surface, really isn’t.  At least not to the extent you need it to be.  CRS has never taken on a new client that was using another billing service where we did not significantly improve upon both the collection rates and the time it takes you to get paid!  See our zero risk guarantee.

This “front end only” focus problem is especially true with software companies that have become “billing companies”.  They believe so much in their software that they are blind to the limitations that all billing software has.  They play the lowest bidder game for your billing services at your expense in a convoluted scheme to get you to overpay for their software.  Software is a necessary tool that should be used by unbiased objective RCM experts who are driven by only one thing, maximizing your reimbursement.  Software and the people who use it on your behalf should be separate but linked pieces of RCM processes that you control.  Why any provider would want to have their clinical documentation and their entire billing process in one basket and completely out of their control is mind boggling.  What’s next?  Are the software companies going to start seeing patients too?!  Something to think about.

Simply put, CRS does everything humanly possible to collect every dollar you deserve in as short a time frame as possible, all the time on whatever software that makes the most sense to you.  And required part of that process is spending 50% of our time working on your claims after the clean claim has been submitted.  That’s not an arbitrary number.  And that is something no software can do.  We track every single minute we spend by task on every client we have and no matter what software you are in.  The time it takes on the back end to maximize reimbursement and minimize days outstanding is all the same.  It’s nearly 50% in all instances.  That is what it takes and its not because we make mistakes on the front end that cost us more time on the back end.  We only submit clean claims.

So why is CRS better than any other billing service option you have, one reason is we spend the time it takes to be diligent and persistent enough to be great at follow up!  That is how we improve your reimbursement and pay for ourselves in the process.  

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